Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A God of Miracles

Em....claiming victory over her "halo"

You may recall that while we were in training in Colorado, 6 of our classmates were in a horrific car accident. Out of the three that survived the crash Andrea and Em suffered the worst injuries. They have both undergone numerous surgeries and have had countless medical procedures preformed, but considering the type of injuries they suffered they are both making INCREDIBLE progress . Both, Andrea and Em are now in their hometowns are are receiving therapy there. Last week Andrea's doctor told her that from his perspective she may be able to live in the developing world someday if that is where God would lead. He also said that although her accident was "catastrophic" her progress has been "incredible." Yesterday, Andrea took her first steps since the accident!!! The neurosurgeon told Em that she is extremely blessed because the injury she received was so severe that people usually don't survive it, and if they do, they are likely paraplegic, paralyzed from the neck down. He said it is not common at all to see someone with the neck injury she had to still be alive, let alone walking and talking. And if that isn't awesome enough....her "halo" was removed last week!!

It has been such a faith builder to receive news about Em and Andrea. God saved their lives, and continues to heal them more and more each day. Please join with us as we continue to lift them to the Father, that he might continue to work miracles in their body, emotions, and families.

Some specific prayer requests off of Andrea's update site:

1. Please continue to pray for Andrea’s vocal chords.There has been a definite improvement in volume. Andrea says that it is because she works hard to force more air through her throat. Nonetheless, she is not where she needs to be so thanks for continuing to pray with us for that.

2. This is a new request: The index and middle fingers on both hands are numb and her left foot is not fully “sensitive” either. There are several ideas about the cause but whatever the reason; would you please join us in praying that the Lord would restore her feeling in those places?