Monday, January 5, 2009

bittersweet cold water

About six weeks ago we rigged up our cooler next to the tub and began mixing frigid tap water with a large pot full of boiling water to arrive at a pleasant bathing temperature.  A full cooler provided the two of us with just enough warm water to thoroughly bucket bathe (although one typically finds it difficult to rinse his/her armpits).

Last night all that changed.  The heat is back, waaaay earlier than we expected, so I escaped to the refreshing cool waters of a simple shower.  We're hoping it's just a January "heat wave" and the temps will soon be back in the 70s.  Summer isn't supposed to arrive in Santo Domingo until mid February!!!

In conclusion, there's nothing sweeter than a refreshing cold shower to cool the body on a hot night.  The bitterness comes in realizing that the desire to take a cold shower indicates that the hot nights have returned...