Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Para Te

So there is a little jewel of a restaurant right down the street from our house named Para Te- it is heaven. Elliott and I stumbled apon it while house-hunting, and then it turned out to be right down the street from the house we decided to rent. It is a Taiwanese, vegetarian, tea spot with the tag line "Jardin del Descanso" (Garden of Rest). If you know me, you know that these rank among my favorite things...good ethnic food, I always say I could be a vegetarian, I love, love, love tea, and after spending 3 months in Guatemala I fell in love with little garden restaurants. And, to top it off, I can walk to it- another one of my favorite things.

The restaurant is in the Taiwanese family's yard, and they have made it into a little garden complete with a fountain, soft music, and bonsai trees! They have green and red tea- and then you get to combine that with just about anything you can imagine- raspberry, apple, orange, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender....(even prunes- haven't tried that one yet). Our personal favorite is Te verde con Jasmin poco azucar- green tea with jasmine, easy on the sugar. We have ordered it so many times that when they come to take our order they ask "te verde con jasmin poco azucar?" The food is awesome too- my personal favorites are the dumplings, and noodles with peanut sauce. Mmmmm. And to top it all off, the most expensive thing on the menu is 100 pesos (less than $3)!

I go every Wednesday with some other American moms. I am so blessed that the Lord has finally provided me with some American friends.

Katherine (on the left) had her TWIN BOYS on Monday!!

Avery and I have been sick all neighbor (who is more obsessed with Para Te than I am) just brought me a green tea with grapefruit juice, and a frozen orange juice drink ....I am feeling better already!!