Thursday, March 19, 2009


What would a morning in the DR be without hearing "E----lio" coming through the front gate? Georgy is a ten year old boy that lives right behind us. We met him when we first moved in. He lives with his mom Amarilis, and his two sisters Leslie(2 1/2) and Jasmin(1).  To help earn money for his family, Georgy comes over and helps us with yard work...he waters the grass, picks weeks, and rakes. On Tuesdays he always comes over and helps Elliott set up the garage for his Tuesday night Bible Study. He also really likes to help bathe the dogs. Sometimes we go out in the morning and he is just sitting on the driveway waiting for us to come out. My three favorite things about Georgy are:
1. Every time you pay him....he skips all the way home. 
2. He has a GREAT smile. 
3. He believes some crrrazy things. For example, Georgy believes that if you are sweating and you wash your face with cold water...there is a strong possibility that you will die the next day (according to him...hundreds of people die from this every day). 

He really has been such a joy and blessing in our lives. I really love that he has Elliott in his life since he doesn't live with his dad. You can tell he really looks up to and loves Elliott. 

Last week we had a birthday party for him. Here are some pics....
I made him a "G" cake