Monday, April 27, 2009


Last Saturday night, Zeneida and Rosario threw me a surprise Baby Shower. It was really fun to celebrate with friends and family...the Breuls came down from Jarabacoa, Sally Dulap came in from Santiago, my parents were here, and many of our Dominican friends joined the celebration!!! 

They had the top floor of the Nazaret school all decorated with baby clothes, a HUGE stork, and a 7 ft. waterfall with lights!! Bet you have never seen a waterfall at a baby shower before! We played some hilarious games....quiet the crying baby, and sing your favorite lullaby. Dominicans love being dramatic, so you can image how those games went. Then, everyone had to give Elliott and I some new parent advice. We ate some yummy food, and then we opened gifts.
Quiet the crying baby

More games

With Javier and Rosario in front of the pink waterfall!

Mia and Pops!!

The Breul Boys

I really was soooo blessed by the shower. We have had our ups and downs living here this first year, but it really made me realize how loved and supported we are. It is definitely a night I will NEVER forget. 

A few weeks ago my mom's friends threw me a Skype shower since I couldn't be there in person. It was really fun too! 
Here I am on the Big Screen!

My mom and all of the hostesses. 

We have been loved from afar in so many creative ways during my pregnancy. Love can not be bound by distance!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting closer...

My mom and dad are here! My dad came down for the Men's Trip, and my mom came down to help me get things ready for the baby. We have been having a great time. Today, our friend Bob came over and painted a beautiful little mural on the wall of the nursery. I love it! I am so excited to welcome the little one into the world, into our family, and into her new little room. Tonight I went in and just sat in there, prayed for her, and rejoiced over the wonderful gift that she is going to be in our lives (and already is). I will share more pics and stories from the week later on....I just couldn't wait to share Bob's masterpiece :) 

Last Saturday, I was suprised with a Dominican Baby Shower, and the hostesses went in together and got me this rocker!