Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hermanita en la R.D.

y sister Elysia visited us a few weeks ago and we had the best time. After hearing about the DR for many years she was finally able to experience it for herself. We hope she liked being a part of our Dominican life as much as we enjoyed having her.
We picked Leash up at the airport on Thursday afternoon in a rain storm. From the very beginning everything worked in our favor for giving her a full Santo Domingo experience. She was starving so we stopped at "fast food" Pollo Victorina for some chicken strips. Believe it or not, none were actually prepared, so we waited for a good ten minutes while them grilled some up- special order! We then made the trek across the city to our home, which typically takes about 45 minutes, but with all the street flooding took a bit longer. Leash was immediately impressed with the very tiny cars and buses that never make their way to US ports. And also impressed that those very same micro machines could pass through the enormous puddles!
The next day we drove to the mountains of Jarabacoa to show Leash more of the country and do a riverbed hike called "Los Rapidos," which culminates at a spectacular waterfall. Ridley went too. Saturday was supposed to be a beach day, but was cut very short by more torrential downpours. We headed back to grill out and enjoy a slight break from the heat that the evening rains had brought. Sunday was filled with a church service in Cielo, two birthday celebrations and then dinner and strolling in the Old City. Monday was the worst, cause Leash had to go home, which made us very sad... Thanks, Elysia, for visiting! We love you!!