Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Preggo Update

Well, we haven't really blogged about me being pregnant...so I thought it was time. So far, time has fllllooowwwnn by (I hear I am the first pregnant woman to ever say this), but its true. I really can't believe that I am now 26 weeks along. Sometimes I feel like I need more time- ha! 

Our little girl remains nameless. Elliott is affectionately calling her Junebug since she is due on June 4. Sometimes I call her Juney for short. But other than that, we are a little behind on the name search. We are open to any suggestions! 

We have a GREAT doctor here in Santo Domingo. She speaks English which is really nice not to have to try to explain and understand everything in Spanish. I know I will be especially grateful come delivery time. Last week we went to our first birthing class at the hospital (in Spanish). We are in a class of about 8 couples, 6 Dominican, 1 Paraguanian, and us!! Our teacher's name is Mechy, and she can't weigh more than 85 pounds...quite a contrast in a room full of pregnant ladies! El and I were definitely holding in some laughs during the class...its a whole new cultural experience. 

My mom is going to come down in April to help me get the nursery set up when my dad comes for the Men's trip. I have spent waaaay to many hours searching baby stuff online. But, when there is no such thing as Target or Babies-R-Us here...its all I'm left with. 

We are SO excited to know our little girl. We grow to love her more and more each day. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

When life hands you sweet lemons... Make grapefruit juice???

Lindsay's been slightly limited in her culinary creations because lemons don't exist in the DR. That's right, you can comb the countryside, the city fruit markets, the supermarkets- no lemons.  
What's tricky is, if you ask a Dominican if there are lemons here, she'll say, "Claaaaro! Tenemos limones."  (Clearly...of course!  We have lemons.)  Of course what she means is that they have limes.  Yes, Dominicans call limes "lemons," which, when you've been hunting for lemons for eight months, only feels like lemon juice on a wound...
Today, Linds had a "hunch" that we were going to find lemons--real lemons--in the grocery store.  And guess what?  We did!  The label said "sweet lemons," but she was convinced that this was just another Dominican "citrus idiom," and that they would actually be juicy, perfectly tart lemons (like the ones she used to pick in her grandmother's back yard).  She was so certain of the reality of these lemons that she splurged on a bottle of tahini sauce to make fresh hummus with her fresh lemons.
She just finished squeezing a batch of fresh, grapefruit-tasting juice...  As far as I can tell from the pile of fruit peels, it was made with "sweet lemons" and some "Dominican" lemons... that is limes.  This is the kind of thing I have grown to love more and more about my wife each day. She's a genius in turning sweet lemons, limes, or whatever else life throws her way into a new, creative, tasty juice.  I can't wait to see what she finally uses to make that hummus!

Monday, February 16, 2009

All the way from TX

Last weekend our friends Mark and Elizabeth Mason visited us from Lubbock, TX. They braved the long journey from TX with 3 flights each way...even spending the night in Dallas on the way home. Elizabeth and I met at Kamp Kanakuk when we were in 9th grade, and then were roomies at Baylor! She is the greatest friend ever, and maintains long distance relationships better than anyone I know. Her and Mark are such a blessing to Elliott and me, and we had a blast showing them around the island.  Check out Elizabeth's blog for pics and stories! (Thanks for letting me mooch Elizabeth)

Monday, February 2, 2009

You will be missed....A LOT!

Well, our only American friends here in Santo Domingo are moving back to the states.  We are really sad....REALLY sad. We met John and Sarah and their two kids Evie and Ransom shortly after we moved down. We are going over to their house tonight for dinner and goodbyes. We don't know what we are going to do without them here....they have been such a huge source of fun, fellowship, and encouragement for us. 

John and Sarah, thanks so much for always being up for hanging out. You will be missed greatly.We will miss hanging out at the pool, eating together, playing video games, "cultural venting," Sunday lunches at "Panera/Chipotle," watching movies on the roof, and so much more. We can't wait to hear all that God does in and through you in the next stage of your life. And, if the Missouri cold is too much to handle, you always have a hot, AC free room waiting for you at our house. 

We love you, 
Wissy and Wissy (no, thats Elliott)