Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free Days

The past few weeks we have taken advantage of the Free Days around Denver and have visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the Firefighter Museum.
One of the things that was hard about having kids in the DR, was that there just weren't all that many fun things to do with we just had to stay at home most days (unless we took a big outing to McDonalds for Aves to play in the occasionally air-conditioned Playplace). So needless to say, we have been loving all of the different things to do with kids here in Denver, and the fact that they have days you can go for free is SWEET!

and....this guy is not so sweet....what in the world? Glad these things aren't roaming around anymore.
Avery with her new friends and neighbors!! They are so cute together.

Avery's favorite thing at the museum was this big fan that you throw scarves into and watch them fly around.
She was a little bit scared of the big bear, but I had to get a pic. Sic 'em Bears!!
The museum had an awesome rooftop deck overlooking downtown Denver, so we went up for a little graham cracker break.
I live here!! What? So, beautiful!

Then, on Saturday, Elliott had the great idea to take the Light Rail into downtown and go to the Firefighters Museum.

The train ride was AWESOME. Avery loved it and thought it was so special. Lucas liked it so much, he took a little snooze :) It was neat to see the city from another perspective, and see things and people that you don't normally see or notice when you are driving in your own car.
Poor Lucas was pretty cold after waiting outside for the train to come.
Once we arrived downtown, we walked a few blocks to the museum (or zoo-zeum as Avery calls them). We got there late in the afternoon, so we had the place to ourselves.
All suited up!!

Fireman Lukey to the rescue!