Thursday, May 28, 2009


-Sorry its been a while since we last posted. It seems like alot has been going on, but not too much to write about. Just trying to tie up loose ends before the little one enters the world. I was also on bedrest 2 weeks ago, and have been trying to slow down the pace of life since then. 

-Well, we are now a week away from Baby Drake's due date!!!! We went to the doctor today and got a great report. Over the last 3 weeks we have had some complications, and they were worried about her growth. But, today they told us that she is definitely growing, and as far as they can tell all looks healthy. Our hearts are rejoicing!!! 

-My mom and dad get here on Saturday! We can't wait! We are hoping that the little one decides to come before my dad has to leave the following Saturday. It is going to be such a blessing to have them here with us. 

-The Americanos are rolling in to kick off the summer projects. It is kinda strange knowing that we won't really be involved much this year because of having a newborn. But, it really is great to see familiar faces. In the "missionary world" we have found that it is rare for someone to be the only Americans living and working on the field like we are. Most have a team of Americans that they work with. So, for us, it is great when our "team" comes to join us...even if it is just for a week, or a month.

-Its mango season around here....and in my opinion they are better than ever this year. Mmmmm. Now we are just waiting for the avocados to ripen up and join them. 

-When the power is on we are now ALLLLOOOOTTT cooler. We got an AC unit for our bedroom, the guest room, and Baby Drake's room. I think it is the best investment we have ever made. Now if the power would just come on more often so we could actually use them :) But, I really think they are going to help us rest and relax alot more, because when it is hot and humid out (and in the house) it is a whole lot easier and more comfortable to just keep moving than to stop and rest. So hopefully they will help us not run ourselves so ragged like we have been prone to do these last 11 months. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

We love our Mommas!

One of the hardest things about living in the DR is being away from our families....especially on days like today. We have two of the greatest moms in the world! They love us and support us in countless ways. They have both done amazing jobs at loving us across the miles. We are SOO excited for them to be grandmothers in a few weeks!! We can't wait to watch them love on our little one. We are so blessed because they are both coming down to stay with us for a few weeks after she is born...Mia (Lind's mom) in June and DD (El's mom) in July. We can't wait to get to spend an extended amount of time with them both. On the verge of becoming a mother myself, I am so lucky because I have two great examples of what it means to be a loving, sacrificial, wise, encouraging, giving, and nurturing mother. Thank you God for Michelle Sterchi and Debbie Drake!! We love you SOOO much mom and wish we were there to give you a giant hug today...but we hope you feel it from afar.