Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Boy´s Gotta Fly!

I know his ears look as if they could flap him to the Carribbean, but so far he hasn´t lifted off on his own. If you would like to pray for something specific, please pray that this guy, Ridley, would somehow get a flight from Orlando, Florida to Santo Domingo. We´ve been baffled in our efforts to get him off the hands of Lindsay´s parents (who have been oh so, so gracious in caring for him for almost two months) and into our hands before he ends up in the hands of the animal shelter keepers. Please pray, especially for a delivery opportunity this coming Wednesday. The whole thing is burdening others and stressing us out!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Up in Flames

Here are a few happenings from our first month here. The more important updates are in our newsletter that you will receive this week. Thanks so much for your prayers as we have transitioned to our new life here. Please keep much is new and different...and we have ALOT to learn.

1. I guess we are official Dominican's now...we burn our trash. We are not big fans, as we like to help, not destroy the environment...but when the trash men come about every 3 weeks (at best),and our garage is overflowing with trash (and all the smells and flies that come with it), we are left with no other choice.

2. Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Our first few weeks were spent driving the crowded, traffic filled streets of Santo Domingo looking for furniture. At this point, we would give anything for a Target or Ikea. But, we have enjoyed all the different kinds of carts....this one was our favorite...

3. In the course of a month we went from owning zero pets, to owning 2 dogs. When we arrived in early July, Ridley was too young to come down. We were told by various Dominicans that we needed to have a dog in our yard at all Vijo gave us one of his dogs from Cielo. So, now Lobo lives with us, and we are awaiting the arrival of Ridley sometime within the next 2 weeks.4. Weddings!!! We had the privilege of attending 2 weddings this month. One Dominican, and one started on time and the other started 2 1/2 hours late, I bet you can't guess which one is which. Jainero and Lisette were married on August 2nd and Sarah and Nick were married on August 9th. Please pray for these 2 couples as they start their new lives together as one.