Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lookout Mountain

We are LOVING our time on Lookout Mountain. We say just about everyday that we want to live here some day! It is so beautiful here- the leaves are starting to change, the air is crisp, and it always smells "minty fresh" outside. The days go by slow, and I can feel my soul beginning to "breathe" again after 6 months of crazy transition. 

Here are some pics from our first month:
Avery and Lucas enjoying the fire! 
Avery's 1st Smore with an oversized marshmallow. She wasn't the biggest fan- she is our "I don't really like being messy" girl, so gooey, sticky, white marshmallow all over her hands and face isn't her idea of a yummy treat. 

Sweet Smiley Boy!
Sidewalk chalk!!
 Aunt Annie and Hap came to visit for one night. We had the best time! We hung out on the back porch, jumped on the trampoline, sang lots of songs, and played with Pinktail the kitty.

Oatmeal on a chilly morning
Sweet Aves
Little Lukey is getting so big! He loves to lay under this thing and watch the star light up- he likes to have conversations with it :)

     Avery does not like to have her hair done, but she finally let me put her hair in pigtails! She loved it and felt like such a big girl. We even made it to the grocery store and back without her taking them out- what a record!
She wanted me to take a picture of her making this silly face- she thought it was so funny

 Lucas turned 4 months on Monday and tried rice cereal. He loved it at first and then decided that he would just rather drink some more milk. We will keep trying, but I am hoping that it helps his reflux as he still seems pretty bothered by it even though he is on medication.

4 months old and already cruising around with Big Sis
(the car really doesn't go anywhere, Avery just likes to pretend to drive it). 
Elliott started his first audio course through Regent College (where he will be starting full-time in Jnuary): Systematic Theology taught by J.I. Packer. Here he is looking all scholarly on the front porch.


More to come from the mountain soon....


Michelle Sterchi said...

What a precious look into your life on the mountain. We can't wait to experience it with you.Two more days !!!

Katie Anderson said...

Ah! What a great post! I loved that picture of Lucas smiling- it made me so happy to see HIM so happy! :) Love you guys, and I think about you all the time!